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Entringo is a ticketless parking and access control solution designed for traditional paid parking, private parking and general access control. The system offers access and payment management, contract management, reporting, statistics and much more.


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  • Automated number plate recognition

    The ability to identify vehicle number plates provides major benefits. It enables easier automation of the parking process, adds simplicity and ease of use for the driver, and reduces the overall cost of operations. In addition to cost and efficiency benefits, it eases integration with third-party systems.

  • Ticketless parking management

    Tickets cause a number of issues in parking, starting from hardware jams to higher need of maintenance. In addition to technical and operational challenges, tickets can also cause difficulties to customers if they are lost, damaged, or even if the car door is scratched while the customer tries to reach for the ticket at the entrance. By eliminating the tickets, we allow for a seamless experience, as well as lower TCO and shorter ROI.

  • Ease of use

    Entringo has been designed to be user friendly from the grounds up, starting with the hardware to the software running in our devices and management system. End users are kept informed during every step and system managers have a constant overview of the situation. Information sharing is a context base ensuring that the relevant messages are shown at the correct time.

  • Scalability

    The architecture of the system is simple and scalable and does not need heavy investments to expand – you just add entry/exit and payment points. From small parking lots to multi-parking, centralised cloud-based systems. Entringo is designed to work on-premise or as a centralized system allowing you to connect multiple sites to one cloud system and manage these areas centrally.

  • Safe & Secure

    Built-in algorithms and logics offer a high level of recognition quality, giving the owner of the parking the flexibility to define the quality requirements and adapt to the environment. Together with our anti-fraud logic, we minimize the risk of cheating. Access by unwanted vehicles can be limited and custom messaging applied for individual vehicles.

Paid parking

With the automatic number plate registration, the parking fee is calculated based on the time spent in the parking lot. Pay directly via the automated payment station, or get a monthly bill of a connected contract.

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Office parking

Entringo offers contract based parking management designed specifically for office building parking lot. Individual conditions can be customized for each tenant using the parking lot.

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Access control

The system can operate only for access control allowing easy management of listed vehicles which are allowed/unallowed to enter the parking.

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Hybrid concept parking

Recently, we installed a new Entringo parking system in Tartu, Estonia. What makes this important and stand out is a milestone marking the first “hybrid concept“ for Entringo where we combine regular short-term paid parking with office parking. This means that we have an open parking lot that enables off-street parking and payment via our…

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Business Centre Parking Optimisation

In one of the strategic parts of Kaunas city back in 2018 a new Konversus business centre opened its doors. The business centre is currently testing ENTRINGO – a new parking solution. Next to the business centre there is a parking lot for more than 200 cars. To provide parking spaces for tenants, the business…

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Parking solution at Tartu Department Store

In August 2017 Tartu Kaubamaja Kinnisvara OÜ and Hansab AS signed a cooperation agreement for renewal and modernization of the parking solution at Tartu Department Store. The main purpose of the modernization was to offer customers an even more comfortable parking experience. During the project, all parking devices were renewed, and an intelligent parking guidance system…

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Entringo consists of a team of experts, created a spinoff from a Baltic technology company, a leading parking solution provider.

Entringo team has worked with parking solutions for over 20 years in the Baltics. Entringo was born out of the customers’ needs to have a flexible, fully automated parking, access control and guidance platform to ensure efficiency, speed and security.

The story of Entringo started back in 2004, with Pay and Display parking. Two years later, closed area parking was introduced, in 2008 self-service payment became a standard feature, led to fully automated LPR based platform development.

From thereon, projects scaled in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for parking, logistics and factory automation.

Today we are offering state of the art parking and access management platform with various options to integrate it with third-party solutions. We listen to our customer and customize the solution by their wish. Contact us to find out more.

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