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Parking at Losone for supermarket and hotel

Public parking

Our Swiss client was looking for a smart parking system to speed up access to its new parking lot located on a bustling street in Chiasso area, close to the Italian border. 

Several businesses operate in the area and use the parking lot: a grocery store, a Hilton hotel, offices, and even a kindergarten.

Installing a traditional ticket-based parking system was not an option. In that scenario, the driver would need to stop the car to retrieve the parking ticket, generating rush-hour traffic jams.

With Entringo, ANPR/LPR cameras rapidly detect car plate numbers, allowing fast access to the parking lot. There is no need to stop the vehicle; the traffic flow remains rapid and continuous.

In addition to fast access, the client challenged us to add a special feature for grocery store customers. Now customers can scan their receipts featuring a unique QR code at the payment station to get a free or reduced parking rate.