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Parking at 2 international airports

Public parking

The Lithuanian airport authorities were long time looking for a smart and fully automated ANPR/LPR ticketless parking system that can identify a wide range of vehicles by their size, i.e. automobiles would not be allowed in the bus parking lots, and vice versa. Moreover, the information terminals and payment stations needed to display information in at least 7 different languages due to the high number of foreigners using the most important airports in the country: Vilnius and Kaunas.

Entringo was selected due to its very powerful ANPR/LPR cameras using ultra-fast data transmission technology, high speed traffic barriers, the cars are admitted to the airport car park without stopping, this is the advantage of ticketless parking, fast access and fast exit.

The system is cloud-based, ensuring security and allowing the administrator to monitor the sites in real time.