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Tartu University Hospital car park


When visiting a hospital, parking is the last thing on peoples’ minds. Tartu University Hospital car park now offers a convenient way to pay for parking with Entringo payment stations. 

Tartu University Hospital is the largest health care provider in Estonia and there are more than 1,000 parking spaces in various parking lots around its Maarjamõisa Medical Campus. Hansab installed 7 Entringo payment stations in the car parks operated by AS Ühisteenused.

Paying for parking at Entringo payment stations is easy: the customer selects the expected parking period (either 1, 2, 3, 4 hours, or all day), enters the car registration number, and pays for parking by card or cash.

As Entringo solution is completely ticketless, it eliminates the problems related to paper tickets loss and damage.

Erko Poska, the Regional Manager of AS Ühisteenused, says that an important criterion for choosing the parking system was its ease of use, as many elderly people visit the hospital:

“Entringo payment stations have a large display and a logical menu. The payment station is well-designed and easy to find even in the dark because it is lit”

To make the payment station even easier to use and avoid any confusion, stickers were added to indicate which slots are meant for which operation.

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