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Entringo is a ticketless parking management system based on Automatic Number Plate Recognition

LPR | ANPR Ticketless parking management system that works


Entringo use

The solution is flexible combining different parking concepts, pricing and payment possibilities. Entringo has solutions to challenges that arise in specific business areas – shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and SPAs, office buildings, airports and more.

Parking concepts

Shopping malls
Office buildings
Hotels and spas
Parking garages

Hardware and

The Entringo Parking solution boasts rugged hardware and scalable software, both easy to integrate and configure.

Sustainable by design

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Why choose Entringo?

Entringo solution has solid benefits for both parking operators and drivers.

For parking operators
For drivers


The 24/7 outdoor capability. Built-in algorithms and logic to improve the recognition quality drastically. The highest coverage of numberplate standards globally. If something happens, we can most likely fix it remotely.

Easy to integrate

The solution is easy to integrate with third-party systems. There is a high flexibility to work hand in hand with current solutions.

Low maintanance

The system works automatically, no need for much human input. Less staff involvement and chances for mistakes, lower HR expenses. Customers can manage themselves (vehicle list, reporting, reservations, guest list).


The architecture of the system is simple and scalable and does not need heavy investments to expand – you just add entry/exit and payment points.

Fast ROI

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster return on investment (ROI) compared to ticket parking. Software that supports long lifespan of hardware.


Together with our anti-fraud logic, we minimize the risk of cheating. Access by unwanted vehicles can be limited and custom messaging applied for individual vehicles.

Our team of

Entringo consists of a team of experts, created a spinoff from a Baltic technology company, a leading parking solution provider. Entringo team has worked with parking solutions for over 20 years in the Baltics.


Gerardo Vera

Export Manager

Priit Ivanov

Innovation Manager

Joan Markus Varik

Product Manager

Algo Puusepp

Service Manager

Sigita Babarskaite

Marketing Manager

Markko Purge

Sales Manager