Entringo® ticketless parking system with ANPR Number Plate Recognition. A solution of Hansab Group Europe.

Automated parking system with ANPR/LPR

Why Entringo®?

  • Entringo hardware & software have been developed by Hansab in ESTONIA, the world’s most advanced digital country. We are certified with: ISO 9001- Quality Management, ISO 20000- Service, ISO 27001- Information security and ISO 14001.
  • Is -Ticketless- the future of parking! With Entringo no need to spend a huge amount of money yearly in paper tickets. Fast access/exit in parkings. No regular maintenance. Fast ROI.
  • Wide range of parking options for all scenarios of public/private parkings (Tenants list/blacklist/guest list/rate management options/reporting, etc.), we have what you need.
  • Entringo is multilingual: the information terminal and payment station display text in any language including yours.
  • Our equipment is EU certified, guaranteed and work efficiently under any climate condition, operating temperature: -35c /+80c. Read 99% of world-wide plate numbers regardless their shape.
  • Fast delivery and affordable transport by road, air or sea, only 1 pallet needed for a basic set-up.
  • The best fully automated parking system using the latest technology. We export to all the world.

Entringo works

Our ANPR/ LPR/ *LAPI system is flexible providing several parking scenarios for any public and private parking. Entringo is the right parking solution for: shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, airports, office buildings, residential buildings and more.

*LAPI – Lecture Automatisée des Plaques d’Immatriculation

Entringo parking concepts

Shopping malls
Office buildings
Hotels and spas
Parking garages

A complete

Entringo parking solution consists of very resistant hardware combined with a powerful software, both easy to integrate with external applications.

Free flow parking

The ultimate way of accessing parkings without entry and exit barriers. Available only for some countries

ANPR/LPR cameras to control access and exit

Cars access the parking facility without any barrier. Our powerful cameras will detect the plate number and store it.

Before leaving the parking, the driver pays the parking fee in our payment kiosk by cash, credit card, by phone with dedicated payment apps for smartphones or directly debited from his bank account.

In Entringo dashboard you can manage who pays and how much. You can also decide which plate numbers do not need to pay. We offer a wide range of possibilities.

Sustainable by design

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A positive parking experience

Entringo is a smart solution that has benefits for both, parking operators and drivers.

For parking operators
For drivers


The 24/7 outdoor capability. Built-in algorithms and logic to improve the recognition quality drastically. The highest coverage of numberplate standards globally. If something happens, we can most likely fix it remotely.

Easy to integrate

The solution is easy to integrate with third-party systems. There is a high flexibility to work hand in hand with current solutions.

Low maintanance

The system works automatically, no need for much human input. Less staff involvement and chances for mistakes, lower HR expenses. Customers can manage themselves (vehicle list, reporting, reservations, guest list).


The architecture of the system is simple and scalable and does not need heavy investments to expand – you just add entry/exit and payment points.

Fast ROI

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster return on investment (ROI) compared to ticket parking. Software that supports long lifespan of hardware.


Together with our anti-fraud logic, we minimize the risk of cheating. Access by unwanted vehicles can be limited and custom messaging applied for individual vehicles.

Our team of

Entringo has been developed by Hansab Group, the Northern-European leader in high-tech solutions and services. Entringo is the result of a dedicated and passsionate team of experts working in parking technology and solutions for over 20 years.

Gerardo Vera

Export Manager

Priit Ivanov

Innovation Manager

Joan Markus Varik

Product Manager

Algo Puusepp

Service Manager

Sigita Babarskaite

Marketing Manager

Markko Purge

Sales Manager

Become our

Grow your business by participating in a sector that is developing worldwide: ANPR/ LPR Ticketless Parking Systems

If your company offers technical products, services, installations or related then join us- Entringo works everywhere!

Additional revenue

As our partner you will always get preferential price for Entringo, you can buy it and resell it to your local clients with an interesting margin. Alternatively, we can sell it directly to your local clients and you will get a rewarding sales commission from us. Expand your business and turnover by promoting and selling Entringo in the country or region you are, Entringo works everywhere.

Fast project analysis

Our experts will analyse your parking projects, drawings and technical specifications within few days. Once done, we will advise you on the right Entringo solution according to your parking needs and country regulations.

Online or live training

You will get a training in order to show you how to install and maintain Entringo parking solution. According to the size of the project the training can be online or live. We speak English, French, Spanish and Russian.

Technical support

After the training you will get a certification and will be able to offer 1st level local support for all related to Entringo daily operations. We also offer remote support when there is a need of more technical assistance.


All our parking components are guaranteed 2 years. Moreover, we have a stock of spare parts that are ready to ship whenever needed to the destination you indicate us.

Confidentiality & trust

Partnering with us means mutual trust and confidentiality on all operations. We value your initiative and efforts to develop Entringo in the region you are and we will assist you as much as possible, you count on us!