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Hybrid concept parking

Emajõe Business building in Tartu, Estonia

Recently, we installed a new Entringo parking system in Tartu, Estonia. What makes this important and stand out is a milestone marking the first “hybrid concept“ for Entringo where we combine regular short-term paid parking with office parking.

This means that we have an open parking lot that enables off-street parking and payment via our automated payment station meanwhile most of the parking lot is reserved and managed for the office customers through the Entringo software.

Tenants of the office building have dedicated reserved parking spaces and individual tariffs, calculating the parking cost based on the actual parked time and dividing the spaces between company cars. Management of personal account and vehicle lists can be done by each customer individually through our dedicated user interface for tenants. In addition to company cars, tenants can also manage and validate visitors.

When we started the project we had to agree to deliver a quality rate of numberplate recognition of at least 95%, today the site is working constantly at 99-100% raising the bar of number plate recognition quality to a new level.

Entringo has been designed to be a universal parking and access control system for a variety of industry segments, from public paid parking to the private office and private facility parking. Entringo also offers basic access management for more secure areas.