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Retail store parking

Entringo piloted in Kuressaare, Saaremaa. The first Estonian customer to test drive it was Coop, an Estonian retailer, which needed a parking solution, to optimise parking.  

Why did Coop Entringo?  First of all, they had a traditional ticket-based system before Entringo and there were a lot of technical issues and also ticket related issues, so the system needed a lot of support and maintenance and in the end, did not satisfy their needs. Entringo gets rid of paper tickets so the maintenance need is much lower. Also, their old system did not allow any flexibility and integration to their shop systems. Entringo, on the other hand, will offer an extra discount for the customers that purchase in their store. The customer installed a full system together with payment and in the beginning, decided to have card payment only. Due to our modular design, we agreed that if the customer requires, then we can easily retrofit the cash modules later if they wish to do so.  

The reason why such a customer decided to manage their parking overall was that the store is located in the city centre, where parking slots are limited. During the day, people park their cars in the parking lot and walk to work to nearby offices, taking up all the parking spaces that were actually meant for the customers of COOP. Since Kuressaare is a popular tourist attraction, this situation is even worse in the summertime so häving managed and paid parking with flexibility and advantages to their actual customers will help their business.