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Parking solution in Technopolis Ülemiste parking house

Technopolis Ülemiste opened a new parking house at the beginning of 2018, which is by far the largest in the city of Ülemiste. A five-story building has a total area of 12,000m² and enough parking space for 470 cars. The parking lot has 2 entrances and exits that are limited by barrier gates. In addition to the widely used parking ticket solution, the system includes a number plate recognition system, which helps to park faster and more conveniently.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) scanning allows the parking lot operator to enter the information on the registration plates’ numbers of the cars that have the permanent parking agreement. So these cars no longer need a parking ticket or a monthly card, when entering the parking lot. 

A number plate recognition system also increases the convenience when parking with a ticket, as the barrier opens without the client having to search for the parking ticket and entering it on the ticket terminal.

There are 2 payment terminals in the lobby of the parking lot, where you can comfortably pay for one-time parking or purchase a monthly card. It is possible to pay either by cash or by a bank card, the payment terminals also support the payment of the deposit. 

The parking garage is open 24/7, but outside of working hours, the doors are closed. It is possible to access the building using the access card a monthly card or a regular parking ticket. For this purpose, we have installed terminals on the outside door, which detect the validity of the ticket and open the doors if needed.